Is Glo Whitening Bad For Your Teeth?

Are you finding that your smile is duller than usual, or even discolored? Are you thinking of having your teeth whitened or using a whitening solution? If you are considering the Glo Whitening solution for your teeth, it is best to turn to a dentist in Houma, LA, such as Dr. Christian Walker out of Cypress Family Dentistry. 

What is Glo Whitening?

Glo Whitening is a brand that is dedicated to providing whitening solutions and products to patients that are available online. Glo Whitening differs from traditional teeth-whitening solutions and pastes on the market, as it also utilizes LED light to help streamline and expedite the process itself.

What Technology Does Glo Whitening Use?

Glo Whitening uses a traditional application system with a whitening gel in combination with LED lighting to offer effective as well as lightning-fast results. 

In addition to LED lighting, Glo Whitening is also the only tooth-whitening solution on the market that also uses Bluetooth technology in order to access both lighting and heating for even faster results. 

How to Use Glo Whitening

Using Glo Whitening applications will greatly depend on how much whitening you require for your teeth as well as the recommendations you receive from your dentist. On average, Glo Whitening recommends that patients apply Glo Whitening 4 times for 8-minute sessions daily. Using Glo Whitening for at least 10 days with 4 applications daily typically provides desired results. 

Is Glo Whitening Right for You?

If you want to brighten up your smile and remove the mild yellowing you have noticed from your teeth, Glo Whitening may be right for you. Speak with your dentist directly to determine whether or not Glo Whitening is the best solution for you based on the current condition and age of your teeth. 

What are the Benefits of Glo Whitening?

Glo Whitening is one of the most affordable teeth-whitening solutions and products available on the market in Houma, LA. Additionally, the Glo Whitening service is flexible and provides plenty of opportunities to purchase products, applications, and systems as needed, depending on the whitening you need. 

When working with a dentist who specializes in Glo Whitening, you will also ensure that all of your teeth are tended to and cared for equally.

Is Glo Whitening Bad for Your Teeth?

The short answer is no. Glo Whitening is not bad for your teeth, as it is sensitivity-free and does not require invasive and/or painful procedures to complete. Additionally, Glo Whitening is known as a system that delivers results up to two times faster than traditional whitening systems and solutions available in-store.

To learn more about Glo Whitening services in Houma, LA, contact Dr. Walker out of Cypress Family Dentistry. Call 985-876-9346 to schedule your teeth whitening appointment today.