Reveal Tooth Aligners

Reveal Clear Tooth Aligners in Houma, LA

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These days, there are many discreet ways to straighten smiles. We understand how important it is for our teen and adult patients to feel confident in their daily lives, going to school and talking to clients, without feeling like the whole world is only noticing their braces. This is why we offer Reveal Clear Aligners.

What Makes Reveal Different

There are many clear aligner systems on the market, and most people think of Invisalign. While Reveal Clear Aligners does use the same nearly invisible plastic aligners that other clear systems do, Reveal Clear Aligners are even more transparent, smoothed, and shaped at the edges rather than laser cut so it blends in better with the contour of your teeth (and also won’t cause irritation to the gums). Reveal Clear Aligners are also designed so you don’t need attachments like you often do with other clear tray systems.

Your New Smile with Reveal

Each tray is worn for two weeks. You will notice that your trays will remain incredibly clear without stains or yellowing that you might see from other aligners. This means that you can feel fully confident that your aligners will never darken or lose their clarity.

You’ll need to wear your aligners about 22 hours a day to see results. This means, only removing them for eating and drinking, as well as brushing and flossing. The rest of the time your Reveal Clear Aligners should be worn. The entire treatment process is incredibly simple and only requires a few visits to our Houma, LA, office so that Dr. Walker can check the progress and make sure everything is going according to the treatment plan.

Getting Started

If you or your teen is interested in Reveal Clear Aligners, the first step is coming into our practice for an evaluation. During the evaluation, Dr. Walker and his team will evaluate your oral health to make sure Reveal Aligners are right for you. If you decide that you’re ready for treatment, we will take photos of your smile from which your aligners will be crafted. Once your aligners have been made, you’ll come into our practice so we give you your new Reveal kit.

If You Are Interested In Straightening Your Smile With Reveal Clear Tooth Aligners, Call Christian M. Walker, DDS, Inc. In Houma, LA At (985) 876-9346 Today!