Glo Whitening

Glo Whitening in Houma, LA

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Are you someone who wants a whiter smile but who would prefer to whiten on their own terms rather than coming into the dental office? We understand that everyone has different whitening needs. That’s why we offer Glo Whitening to our Houma, LA, patients. It’s one of the most effective home whitening treatments.

How does Glo Whitening work?

Glo Whitening utilizes a lot of the elements that make in-office whitening so successful including heat LED light to offer fast, effective results. Instead of needing to wear custom trays over your teeth for hours or even overnight, this home whitening system is simple.

You simply paint the gel over the front of your teeth and then you place the mouthpiece into your mouth. The mouthpiece is attached to a controller. You simply push the Glo button on the controller, and the mouthpiece will glow blue. Each treatment is only eight minutes long, and the mouthpiece will turn off automatically after the eight minutes is complete.

Glo Whitening is the only Bluetooth-enabled teeth whitening system that uses light and heat for faster results. The heating system activates the hydrogen peroxide within the gel, accelerating the whitening process so you can see results faster.

For best results, it’s recommended the patients perform four, 8-minute applications a day in a row for five days or until they see the desired results (up to 10 consecutive whitening days).

What are the benefits of Glo Whitening?

Many of our patients love Glo Whitening because it allows them to get brilliant results like they often see from patients getting chairside whitening, but they can get the results at home. This is ideal for those with mild yellowing and those who just want to boost the brightness of their smiles.

Results are two times faster than other at-home whitening systems, it’s sensitivity-free (so you never have to worry about your teeth being sensitive during or after treatment. Seriously!), and the whitening gel and lip treatment are vegan and gluten-free.

Are you ready to get your Glo-ing smile? 

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